Our Location

Mersea Island

It is the most easterly inhabited and publicly accessible island in the United Kingdom, We are situated on the estuarys of the Blackwater and Colne rivers, The Island is famous for it's fishing and oysters which have been grown here since the roman times.


Perfect Location

Being Located on the centre of the island just a couple of hundred yards from the water. This allows us to take local fisherman's catch straight off the boat. All our catches are traceable from the port it was landed and even the name of the boat that caught it!

Being in the Heart Of Essex Countryside this allows us to liaise with local farmers, growers and producers. Bringing you a variety of fresh local produce.


Being Less than 60miles From London Our Fleet Of Vans  Allows Us To Get The Freshest Fish On To Someones Plate. 

We do this 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, giving our customers a ready and limitless supply of freshly caught Local fish.