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Mackerel with Beetroot Salad & Horseradish

Serves 6-8 as a starter

The delicious rich oily flavour of mackerel is complemented by the earthy crunch of raw beetroot

Allow one medium mackerel fillet per person

For the Beetroot Salad
one bunch 3/4 beetroot
One medium red onion
50g Wild Rocket
75ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
25ml Balsamic Vinegar
100g Crème Fraiche
One Stick of Horseradish

The Horseradish can be prepared a few hours in advance, much longer and it will start to oxidise and turn grey. Simply peel the outside skin and finely grate about 7cms of the horseradish into a bowl, fold in the crème fraiche. The intensity of the roots can vary you want enough zing to just tingle your nose.

For the salad peel & grate the raw beetroot, a food processor can be very handy for this job as are rubber gloves. Next finely slice the red onion and add to the beetroot. For the dressing pour the balsamic vinegar into a bowl and whilst whisking slowly pour in the olive oil so as to try and emulsify the dressing, taste for balance and season and adjust to taste. Just before serving dress the beetroot and tumble through the rocket leaves.

Wait until the last moment before cooking the mackerel, pan fry skin side down with the extraction on and a window open, serve with the horseradish on the side.

Courtesy of Chris Gillard

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